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Myhermes Customer Service Direct Number:
Call This Number and Save it Under “Myhermes Number”.



Important Myhermes Contact Numbers:

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Myhermes Customer Service 03 Number 03303336556 +443303336556
Track Your Parcel, Myhermes Complaint Number 03303336556 +443303336556
Complete Savings Membership Cancellation 08003896960 +448003896960
Myhermes Local Sales Team Business 03303337756 +443303337756

myhermes Contact number

MyHermes is the UK’s leading consumer door to door parcels delivery service, ideal for anyone who would like to save time and money on their shipping costs, delivering over 235 million parcels each year. myhermes contact number is 0330 333 6556, call this number for any general customer service help or parcel delivery information.

The courier service is now available in over 4,500 locations and has become one of the best UK carriers for two day service via the myHermes parcel shops and three-day delivery service when collected from the doorstep. The customer service representatives work untiringly and deal with various customers daily and make their best effort to give the right solution to the raised concerns. The company has always kept its vision to achieve maximum customer satisfaction

Myhermes Registered Office Address

You can contact the company for any of your enquiries by sending a letter to Myhermes registered office address

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd, Capital House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley LS27 0WH

Myhermes Contact Us

MyHermes take the orders online only via Myhermes contact us page . On completion of the order, you will be sent a confirmation email

The customers can contact the MyHermes customer service department by email or webchat. The advisors are available to answer the queries from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm on Sat-Sun. You can contact by email at MyHermes contact email and via MyHermes webchat by entering the details in the link

The couriers work between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturdays (this excludes bank holidays). You can request a courier collection up to 7 days in advance and if you place an order before 10pm you have the option to have your parcels collected the next day.

You can check for a full list of the parcel prices via the page

Myhermes Track My Parcel

Delivery of parcelThe parcels can be easily tracked online using the parcel reference number or the tracking number. MyHermes tracking number is the 16 digit barcode printed on the label.

How do i get my parcel tracking number?

  1. Visit your myHermes account and login with your user and password.
  2. Go to the top right corner on your account manager and click the “my parcels” link
  3. Check your relevant parcel active shipment and click “choose”
  4. you now can see your parcel number.
  5. If you are not able to find your parcel and need some assistance, simply call: 0330 333 6556 and myHermes representative will be happy to help.
  6. Note: you can find your parcel tracking number on the myHermes confirmation email
  • If you are the sender of the parcel, you need to click on the ‘Your Shipments’ link and if you are the receiver of the parcel, you can use the ‘Track a parcel’ link and click go.

When you would like to know for the tracking update of your parcel, you can call the MyHermes automated tracking service at the MyHermes track my parcel number 0330 333 6556

Myhermes Parcelshops

You can find your nearest Myhermes parcelshops by visiting the link . When you drop off your parcel at a Parcelshop, it will reach the recipient within 2-4 working days and delivery to remote areas such as the Highlands, Islands of Scotland etc may take up to 7 working days. Mostly parcelshops are open 7 days a week.

If you would like to become a part of Parcelshop service, you can contact the Myhermes Network Development Team by email at [email protected]

Myhermes Packaging Guide

Hermes Packaging

In order to make sure that the parcels reach their destinations safely and in good condition, the company offers some packaging tips and videos as to what should and should not be followed via Myhermes packaging guide link To ensure the best service, you can also check the size of your parcel using the MyHermes parcel size checker link

If you need any help or have any question regarding packaging your parcel the right way, you can contact Hermes customer service number at: 0330 333 6556

Myhermes Shipment Cancellation

If you have paid for the parcel, you can cancel it online provided that it is before 10pm on the day of ordering. If you have not paid, you can easily delete it online from the shipments.

If it is after 10pm on the day that the order was booked, then you need to contact the Myhermes shipment cancellation team by entering the details in the page and the refund process will be initiated

Myhermes Complete Savings Membership

If you sign up for the Myhermes complete savings membership, you can get £15 off on your next order. If you would like to cancel the membership, you need to call the MyHermes cancellations phone number 0800 389 6960 and make the request. You can also contact by email at Myhermes complete savings email [email protected] and send the cancellation form via the link

Myhermes Claims

If your parcel has been lost, damaged or stolen, you can contact the support team at to submit the claim details. The claims can only be made by the sender of the parcel. The claims are generally processed within 28 working days from the receipt

Myhermes Business Account

For all the business related enquiries, you can send in the Myhermes business account requests by email at myHermes business email address [email protected] or at [email protected]  Else, you can also contact the myHermes local sales team at the MyHermes contact number 0330 333 7756

MyHermes International

You can check for all the international parcel delivery information via the MyHermes International customer help centre page . The parcels are easily tracked online using the myHermes order number.

To apply for  a refund, you can contact the MyHermes live help team via the link

Myhermes Customer Complaints

The company always aims to handle the consignments with the best possible care. However, it might occur that you have a complaint about a delivery. In that case, we have a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction.

Firstly, you should contact the customer service department for your complaints by email or webchat (as explained above). The department can also be contacted over the phone at MyHermes customer complaints number 0330 333 6556

If you are not happy with the response, you can escalate the matter to the MyHermes customer relations team. The team can be contacted by email at MyHermes complaints email [email protected]

Within 5 working days, the team would make efforts to respond back.

Contact myHermes through Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and myHermes Apps

A short guide – Find Hermes contact number on the official site:

This is a step by step guide that will show you exactly how to find Herms and myHermece customer service numbers – through their official website.

  1. Visit Hermes help page:
  2. On the bottom of the page you will find some FAQ and the very first one will ask “how can i contact myHermes?
    how can i contact my hermes
  3. This gave you the option for myHermes  web chat and email. But we want numbers!
  4. So let’s try to find the myHermes phone number through the official site search. I found this page with the phone number:
    myhermes number

39 thoughts on “Myhermes Telephone Numbers”

  1. This services I booked send a parcel but they didn’t pick it up from my home and also they take my payment when you need to contact they didn’t pick the phone so fast



  2. My Hermes absolute rubbish telephone customer service why can you not even speak to an actual person you need to get this sorted I have been directed back to the website 3 times if I could find the answer on the site err….

  3. absolute rub#£* service, no delivery, then said to by being told gelivery had been made at 9pm on a saturday night, impossible, our drive is half a mile long with locked metal gates so impossible, then a week late parcel finally arrived, hey ho damaged and dumped at the front door, made yet another complaint to faceless website only yo be told its my problem and to take it up with the sender…

  4. Whare is my parcel this is terrible saying they tried to deliver for two days and av been in home but nothing so who ever has my parcel enjoy it am taking this further and writing to papers

  5. Vivian 01/11/16
    The courier brought my parcel 3 times to my home while am at work but never left his contact number. How do I get my parcel back?

  6. I have had three parcels apparently delivered by Hermes that have not arrived this month although apparently ‘signed for’. This seems like legalised robbery. The is no regress from Hermes who are very unhelpful and have contact number.
    No need to become a burgular these days….
    I am very disappointed that such a large company cares so little about their customers.

  7. I have been trying to contact hermes for 4 days now with no success. They don’t have a telephone number for customer services. Their Web chat is not helpful. I have written 2 emails since Friday and I got no reply. I just don’t know how else I can get help with my problem. I have paid for a service but nothing has been done yet. So frustrating. I would not recommend anyone to use hermes for anything. Period.

  8. This service This company use private people to deliver your parcels and those people DON”T CARE how those parcels will be delivered! They do not knock to your doors, they simply leave your parcel outside (behind the bin etc.) and when your parcel is lost YOU have to spend your time to find it or get a refund! Today, I received a damaged parcel (opened previously and sealed), when I realised it the driver was gone. When I opened parcel my item was damaged (ripped off) and I believe that it was made on purpose by the courier, as for the last time I told him of due to a high number of living parcels outside my house while I was in

  9. November 11, 2016 at 15.02
    I have read all the comments on this page and I do agree with all of them I am in the same position damaged good late arrivals and parcels gone missing. as a after thought would it be possible to make a case with the on-words man to see what he could do about My Hermes

  10. I have spent all morning trying to contact Hermes to return a parcel. I have tried two different shops to drop my parcel off , but neither shop could scan the bar code. I am concerned that the return date for the goods to be returned by will run out. I have checked Heremes prices to return via post office, it will cost more than what the goods are I don’t want!!! Not sure what to do now!! Frustrated from Lancashire

  11. My Hermes service is stealing Co. Which hasn’t delivered my 2 parcels that worth £130… Staff has totally no class at all, I feel member of staff and deliver people are involved in this stealing process because they have no idea about the parcel and they dont give care to customers.

  12. Can’t find my parcel, Web site is useless as one minute it knows about my parcel then it doesn’t recognise it . I have never asked for my parcels to be left at the back gate. Especially when my neighbours were all in.

  13. Lost my parcel, don’t seem bothered by it, no contingency when it goes wrong, clearly not bothered about customer care, clearly employ . Thanks very much to Hermes. Useless on a biblical scale

  14. Waited over an hour for live chat – then finally got conencted, typed in my question, no imeediate response, while I looked away for a minute I was “disconnected” for not responidng. Tired to phone – got an answer after 15 minutes – the operator went away to try to find an answer, came back asked more questions, said “bear with me a minute” then disconnected. Will try again later.

  15. If u want some advice never bother with these u can get in touch with them and the person that’s delivering the parcel leaves is home number which he never answers and neve listen to the messages go with dpd a lot better service and the know what there doing

  16. Been waiting for my parcel for 1week for past 3 days been told it be here tomorrow etc. The tracking is useless after 48hrs it told me my parcel is at local depot from 4am on December 2nd 2016. I then called Hermes and they called the courier. They got back to me and reassured me my parcel would defiantly be here tonight. 8:20pm December 2nd I called Hermes back. Again they called the courier. They got back to me saying there’s been a misunderstanding that theres a load of heavy boxed and my parcel was one of the heavy boxes and won’t be delivered til tomorrow. My parcel is just a football top…It’s not heavy or boxed. I asked for manager and instead he fogged me off and out of anger I’ve hung up.

    1. I don’t know how the rest of Hermes work, but the lady who delivers my parcels via Hermes is brilliant, she knows my first name, has a little chat, not many seconds if you are thinking it is wasting company time, but when you are on your own a lot it Is very pleasant she is extremely polite, I could not praise her more, if you don’t have a reward system for your delivery people you should, like Asda do if you have good service from your delivery person they get points which build up into a little incentive bonus, please pass this to the correct dept, thanks

  17. what is the point of all Myhermes telephone numbers.
    Hermes delivery operative left a note with no contact details or to arrange a time just a date.
    I find this unsatisfactory.;

  18. A courier collected my parcel but did not scan it or leave a receipt now tracking says my parcel is still awaiting collection, I emailed customer services yesterday with no response.

  19. Hermes are hard.They have lost my parcel and refuse to do anything . Web chat pointless. It is a service these guys just fob you off no wonder there is phone number to talk to a person.

  20. The courier left a receipt that the parcel was behind bin, but was not there. I checked the tracking and appeared as signed for customer. I contacted Hermes online and they did not help me, just told that the parcel was delivered at my address. I asked to my neighbors and no one took it. So, the parcel disapears and there is no proof that it was really delivered because they do not get any signature, Simple as that. Hermes…

  21. I have called to track my parcel. options to talk to customer service i have tried to put in the two numbers where were on the calling card i.e the bar code and the other 12 digit number (there was not 16 digit number on the card) and my items have not bee returned to the recipient. Explain this Hermes.

  22. those people have lost my vacuum I want something done about this l will go to traqding standards it’s not good enough this is the collection service

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